One Client's Experience

We think it's easier to get a sense of what a contracting company is like from others who have already used them. Here's a review from one of our thoughtful past employers.

"My friend Cathy Mackel used them and yes I was thrilled with my new kitchen, den and dining room. I believe my job was a big undertaking and Dave was professional, knowledgable, and easy to work with. I enjoyed my remodel and I still love my contractor. Not very many people can say that!

entertainment center"Older houses always have something come up that is unforeseen. We had some issues that came up structurally and Dave worked with the structural engineer and we resolved well and for not a lot of money.

"They are a great family company. Everyone is very professional, good natured and easy to work with. They are fairly priced and Dave does a great job making sure to stay on budget. Our remodel was finished on a timely basis, all trades he recommended were professional, courteous and easy to be around and have in my house. Nice guys. Everyone that worked on my job was wonderful. "

Please feel free to pass my information to any potential client. I am happy to show my home or speak with anyone.

- Lisa Nystrom


We now offer turnkey construction services directly to homeowners and professionals. Whether it be to rebuild a particular space or remodel an entire home, we offer a cost-effective one-stop solution.

Why trust SJS to do this kind of work?  First, coming out of carpentry we understand the  “bones” of the house - the frame. We know how the basic supports integrate with the other elements every step in the building process as another layer building off that that solid frame.

Secondly, over the years we’ve formed long-term working relationships with tradespeople you can trust – plumbers, electricians, dry wallers, painters, flooring experts and more. No home-depot day hires for us! Every specialist we bring to the job is tried and true.

Most important of all, David Delahunt is responsible; to his employer, to subcontractors and to the job itself. He'll do whatever it takes to make your job come off smoothly, effortlessly and to your exact specifications.