Even if you're not a pro, you can trust SJS to cooperate with your builder or architect to achieve exactly the results you want.

It can be hard to describe what you're aiming for if you don’t know a rabbet from a dovetail. 

We'll listen carefully to you and help interpret construction jargon into meaningful language so you can imagine how your new cabinets, closets, library, shelves, entertainment center or room will look.

We'll talk with your electricians plumbers, drywallers, tile and finish workers to foresee any and avoid potential problems and to arrive at a fair bid for our part of the work.

We'll tie up all the loose ends too - handling the necessary paperwork and adhering strictly to local codes.

Your job will be done quickly, quietly and hassle free.


"Only about 26% of small businesses survive for 10 years or more."

- Bureau of Labor Statistics


Why has SJS cabinets been going strong since 1978?  In large part it’s due to great working relationships with architects, contractors, and design visionaries as well as owners who trust us to complete their upscale homes and new projects. 

Whether you're a professional or a private party, when you hire SJS Cabinets to execute a job, here’s what you can expect:

A big picture understanding of what you’re trying to achieve in terms of design, accessibility and structure. Over the decades (and generations) we can truly say we’ve enhanced the beauty of every conceivable style of home, classic to ultra modern. No matter how ambitious or unique your design, we’ll bring your vision to life!

Quality results.  We bring you an excellent understanding of blueprints and a detailed adherence to specs, precision measurements and cutting, flawless joinery, superb mastery of all woods and materials, high quality fishes and an outstanding command of fixtures and hardware.

Professional deportment.  This is especially important to contractors who hire us. We represent your interests even when you’re not on premises. Our courtesy and respect enhance your relationship with the owner.  Our prompt, efficient service shows your good judgment and reliability.

Collaboration.  Experienced builders know that every project presents at least a few surprises.  No problem. We put our heads together with the other craftspeople and do our best to enable every member of the team to execute their jobs perfectly.

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